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Internet Marketing
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Your business web site needs to have two things going for it. One, it has to draw attention to itself in search engines, either using paid placement or organic search results. Two, your web site needs to make it easy to convert visitors to customers.

Mike Wills helps your web site attract visitors using several simultaneous approaches, including carefully researched search engine optimization and practices as well as professional paid keyword search campaigns. Once visitors are at your site, Mike uses sophisticated web analytics practices to make sure the site is maximizing conversions to your goals, whether you are trying to increase sales, lead generation, or content viewing.

Contact Mike Wills to make sure the reactions you get from your potential customers are the ones that are profitable for you. Mike is happy to help you get started.

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How can our site get a top placement in Google?
There are many factors that contribute to top ranking on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and the other search engines. There are several content and structural changes that will help in search engine optimization, but don't forget about outside link building. We can show you the links to pursue that will have the highest returns in search rankings on Yahoo, Google, Bing, and the others. Give us a call for details.


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